Sauleh Siddiqui

Commissioner for ANC3CO5

"Community over commuters!"


Greater Greater Washington:

"Siddiqui, who we endorsed in 2020, has served as 3C’s treasurer—a useful asset for a commission that will see some change—and, in response to our questionnaire, clearly describes how more types of housing can serve a greater purpose than density for density’s sake."

Ward 3 Bicycle Advocates:

"Siddiqui has been an exceptionally strong presence in his first term on the ANC, leading ANC 3C’s support for the protected bicycle lane."

Cleveland Park Smart Growth:

"As the most active and effective Commissioner on ANC 3C, Siddiqui deserves re-election so Cleveland Park can continue on the path of transitioning toward better urbanism. His commitment to more sustainable and safer transportation, to vibrant retail and to more housing for future residents of all incomes and family types is exactly what Cleveland Park needs."

My Record As Commissioner

  • I've passed 22 Resolutions, more than twice as many as any other commissioner in ANC 3C, on topics ranging from Transportation, Historic Preservation, Supporting Businesses, and Government Accountability.

  • I've served as Treasurer for ANC 3C and have facilitated grants for Ward 3 Mutual Aid and Ward 3 Food Pantry.

  • Read my blog post on the Concept C redesign for Connecticut Avenue that removes reversible lanes, adds protected bicycle lanes, and provides 24-hour parking in commercial areas.

  • Watch my opening statement at the Cleveland Park Community Association forum.

  • Read my interview by Cleveland Park Smart Growth.

  • See my testimony at the DDOT hearing.

  • See my testimony at the DC Council Roundtable of Transportation.

About Sauleh

My wife and I have lived in a one-bedroom apartment on the corner of Connecticut and Ordway for almost ten years, with our dog, Swift. I am a professor in American University's Environmental Science department, and used to serve on the board of the Cleveland Park Citizens Association, where I was chair of the transportation committee and inaugural co-chair of the Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Committee. I have volunteered for our community in several ways over the past several years, and am proud to represent you all in our single-member district.

The issues I care about:

Safer Streets

  • Reclaim our public space for people from cars

  • Prioritize place-making for the community and bicycle lanes

  • Help families with kids have a safe neighborhood, prioritizing walkability over cars.

Constituent Advocacy

  • Advocate for tenant protections and rent-controlled units to be preserved in Cleveland Park.

  • Advocate for government support and services for all our neighbors to ensure they can live their lives with dignity, especially those experiencing homelessness, food insecurity, and mental health disorders.

  • Advocate for both immediate and long-term solutions to school overcrowding and provide children a safe route to walk to and bike to school.

Neighborhood Revitalization

  • Save the Uptown and our business district post-COVID by working with Main Street to make our neighborhood more livable and popular.

  • Hold D.C. agencies accountable for addressing the numerous infrastructure issues in Cleveland Park, including drainage issues at the Metro station, safety at the intersection of Quebec, Porter and Connecticut, and the Hearst park and pool construction issues.

  • Make Cleveland Park an inclusive community for everyone, while making sure to respect our historic character.

  • Work with all neighborhood groups to advance the future of our neighborhood.

2020 Endorsements

  • Greater Greater Washington endorsed me!

  • Emma Hersh, the previous ANC 3C05 commissioner, endorsed me! I am honored by this endorsement. Emma was a wonderful commissioner and I am excited at the opportunity to follow in her footsteps.

  • Ward 3 Bicycle Advocates enthusiastically endorsed me!

  • The ANC3C05 candidates forum was held on Wednesday, September 30th, from 7-8pm via Zoom. The recording of the event is here.

  • Print and post our flier!

  • Thank you ANC Rainbow Caucus for inviting me to join as an ally candidate!

Ward 3 Bicycle Advocates Endorsement

Greater Greater Washington Endorsement


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